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Reza Parsa Nejad, PhD

Dr. Reza Parsa Nejad received his BSc in Biology from Shahid Beheshti University، MSc  in Medical Parasitology from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and PhD in  Molecular Genetics from McGill University. He spent 4 years at McGill University in  Canada and 2 years at Wake Forest University in USA holding three post-doctoral  positions and researching on the subject of lung and prostate cancers

Since 2003،Dr. Parsa Nejad  has served as an active  development/commercial manager and president of his own private companies such as  ParsAdmission، CytoPrecision and Mahzar Co. in both Canada and Iran. In August 2016،  he led a team managing the First Symposium of Iranian Professionals in Quebec، Canada.  He is currently establishing and developing several businesses in various fields focusing  mostly on pharma، networking and training as well as graduate student recruitment


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