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Starting: May 4th, 2020

Registration Deadline: February 14, 2020

Program fees and associated costs: $10000






Session 1:            Executive Mini-MBA Training

                                Ten Days Session

Module 1             Business Planning and Analysis:                

The Basics of Business Planning, Market Evaluation, Analyze Competition, Developing A Marketing Strategy, Extras of Business Plan, Pitfalls of Business Plan

Module 2             Business Administration and Branding:

Brand Recognition for Customers, Winning Your Customers, Developing a Personal Style, Visual imagery, Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Module 3:           Business Succession Planning:

Introduction, Succession Planning Vs. Replacement Planning, Preparing for the Planning Process, Initiating Process, The SWOT Analysis, Developing the Succession Plan, Executing the Plan, Gaining Support, Managing the Change, Overcoming Roadblocks

Module 4:           Business Development Budgeting:

Businesses Budgeting Basics, Five Steps To Better Business Budgeting, Preparing A Timely Business Plan And Budget, Improve the process of Corporate Budgeting, Social Business Budgeting, Impacts Of Debts On Business Budgets, Managing Business Budgets And Finances Together

Module 5:           Management:

Building Trust and Confidence, The Pitfalls, Building Team Spirit, Dealing with Difficult Employees, Using Emotional Intelligence, Conclusion to Management

Module 6:           Business Management Skills:

The Executive Summary               , The Mission Statement, Exploring Financial Needs, Evaluating Competition, Troubleshooting, Conclusion

Module 7:           Project Management:

Managing Yourself, Setting the Stage for a Successful Project, Developing and Managing A Budget, Execution of the Plan, Rules to Manage The Projects, Project Management Style based on Your Personality, The Cycle of Decision Making, Getting Your Project Back On Track, Moving Forward in Your Project, Problems and Solutions in Project Management

Module 8:           HR and Leadership Management:

Leader and HR Management, Commitment and HR Management, Team Management, Build A Mastermind Group, People Recognition in HR Management, Performance, Goals and Management, Think Outside The Box, Be Passionate about Your Work, The Importance Of A Good Team Leader

Module 9:           Business Systemization:

The Idea of Systemizing Your Business, The importance of Systemizing Your Business, Creating Your Business System, Outsourcing the System of Your Business, Growing Strategy by The Systemized Business, Ideas to Consider in Systemizing Your Business

Module 10:         Business Ethics Fundamentals:

Getting Started To Business Ethics, Implementing Ethics in the Workplace, Employer and Employee Rights, Business & Social Responsibilities, Ethical Decisions, Whistle Blowing   , Managerial Ethics, Unethical Behavior, Ethics in Business


Session 2:            Leadership: Three days training in Lead-Self, Lead-Others, Lead Business

Three Days Session

Module 1:           Lead-Self                            

- Analytical & Thinking Skills; Developing The Skills To Become A Great Manager

- Creative Thinking In Business; Facilitating And Inspiring Creative Thinking In Your Team

- Strategic Thinking; Developing A Successful Mindset For Your Strategic Plans

- Critical Thinking; Demonstrating More Effective Thinking Skills For Business

- Design Thinking; Learning Effective Methods For Trouble Shoot In Business

Module 2:           Lead-Others      

- Leadership Skills; Leadership Style, Leading Change, Coaching Your Team, Emotional Intelligence,

                                        - Agility Skills; Agile Leadership, Project Management, Talent Management

                                        - People Management Skills; Managing People, Team Management, Conflict Management, Team Motivation, Giving Feedback

Module 3:           Lead-Business  

- Business Strategy; Planning For Managers, Leadership Strategy, Resilient Organization

                                        - Change Management; Promote A Disruptive Mindset For Sustainable Growth

                                         - Marketing; Successful Product Management, Growing Business In B2b Markets,

                                         - Project Management; Delivering Projects On Time And On Budget

                                         - Sales; Successful Selling Techniques, Training Sales Managers, Winning Negotiation

                                         - Finance & Controlling; Interpreting Financial Reports, Developing Strategies And Tactics Based On Finance, Strategic Controller, Understanding The Business Partner

Section 3:            Business Tour:

Two Days Sessions

Module 1:

- Meet the Expert: Brunch Meeting with Business People

- Company Tour: Visiting Two Companies and Meet the Executives

Module 2:

- University Tour: Visiting One University and Meet the Professor

- Bank Tour: Visit a Bank and Meet the Business Account Manager

Section 4:            Weekend Special:

Two days

Module 1:

- Montreal’s Tour including a Special Lunch

Module 2:

- Mont-Tremblant Tour including a Special Lunch


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