Drug Development

We, at CytoPrecision, help you to take a comprehensive systems biology approach to improve your efficacy of both determining and monitoring new drugs in preclinical and  clinical studies.

we, as A contract research organization (CRO),  provide support tools for research organizations   to make personalized plan of their study. Our testing menu includes both standard and custom laboratory testing. Please contact us at +1-514-979-4551 for assistance with this. Some of our services are listed below:

– Standard laboratory biomarker
– Specific biomarker
– Cardiovascular Disease and Treatments
– Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Glycemic Control
– General Health – Vitamins and Minerals
– Inflammatory
– Renal and Pancreatic Disease

we offer sophisticated and technically sound insights from the laboratory testing combined with a personalized approach to disease state management.

Specimen Handling

For detailed instructions for classifying, packaging and shipping medical specimens, please call us at +1-514-979-4551.

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