SIPQ 2018


Message of president

It gives me great pleasure to be the host of many scientists with various backgrounds who are willing to share their personal and professional experiences, knowledge and information in such an active and friendly atmosphere. The massive exchange of information and knowledge in this symposium may facilitate the adaptation and integration of Iranian immigrants to the new society in an easier and faster way, which will eventually lead to have a better life style. Moreover, it will open a new window for people who attend as participants for any of their future plans and endeavors.
As the president of this symposium, I strongly believe that the optimal networking can assist each and every professional Iranian to receive the correct and essential information about all aspects of life from personal to professional ranges. This was actually the only reason for establishing the first symposium of Iranian professionals in Quebec, which was held successfully on August 2016. In order to include all interested Iranians with various fields of expertise, it was decided to invite everyone who is seeking right information and knowledge to the upcoming symposium.

Reza Parsanejad

Our vision

To develop a supportive Iranian network that values optimal networking system in order to promote the enrichment of their professional occupations and to discuss the updated technology and science in their fields of expertise.

Our mission

To build a vibrant and supportive Iranian professional community to expand opportunities for open interchange and dissemination of information and knowledge and explore new ideas.

No.4055 St. Catherine West, Suite 131, Westmount, Quebec, Canada, H3Z-3J8
Montreal: +1 514 9794551
Toronto: +1 6476139900
Vancouver: +1 7789579900

Symposium of Iranian Professionals in Quebec Canada

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